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Brisbane Street Multi-lane


The Brisbane Street Multi-lane upgrade project is a road widening of Brisbane St. between Hooper St and Burnett St in West Ipswich to Improve traffic flows in the busy mixed commercial and residential area.

This multidisciplinary project consists of renewal and realignment of service infrastructure, a new signalised intersection as well and pavement widening and road surface rehabilitation.


Scope of work Includes:

  • Demolition, site clearing and stripping, contaminated soils testing
  • Identifying and Protecting major underground assets and services
  • Bulk earthworks
  • Pavement Works – Subgrade prep, Lean mix Sub base, deep lift asphalt, mill and fill resurfacing
  • Utility Management -NDD and Service Identification, CCTV, Relocation and Alteration
  • Service Installations - New Water mains, property services, hydrants, sewer manhole
  • Concrete works - Residential and commercial driveways, kerbing, footpaths and pram ramps, bus stops
  • Stormwater infrastructure – Large custom precast concrete chambers and gully entry units, Stormwater Pipelaying and Subsoil Drainage
  • Landscaping – Retaining walls, fencing, soil import and turfing
  • Electrical works - Road lighting, traffic signals, Power cables
  • Cable joining, Conduit installation and Energex connection to supply
  • Managing works around and interfacing with many known and unidentified existing services.
  • Investigation, safety and quality management of some existing aged and dilapidated services.

Ipswich City Council