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Mica Creek Power Station Anti-Pollution Dam


Located approximately 6 km south of Mount Isa, Stanwell’s ageing Mica Creek Power Station required works to its drainage network. Epoca was the successful contractor for this project.


This project involved the construction of a 2 mega litre (ML) turkey’s nest with a rock lined spillway and balancing pipe to the existing drainage network at Mica Creek Power Station.

  • Clearing, grubbing and stripping.
  • Earthworks cut from excavation for new embankments, including trimming to final levels, access ramps, spillway and inlet sump;
  • Lay and seal HDPE liner, including anchor trench;
  • Excavation and installation of DN 800 HDPE balancing pipe;
  • Excavate, place and cure concrete base slab to seal balancing pipe to liner, including reinforcement, hydrotite seals and extrusion welding;
  • Install Class 3 DN 375 RCP below access ramp at downstream embankment toe;
  • Empty effluent line (approx. 3000 L) and dismantle, reconfigure and raise isolation and scour valves on the existing effluent line, including new pipe supports and slabs;
  • Install extension pipework to discharge existing scour valves into new pond, including pipework, pipe supports and concrete slab.
  • Interaction with multiple land owners » Safe delivery of works during the cane crush season, site is bordered by active cane farms
  • Management & procurement of long lead time materials

Stanwell Corporation