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Hay Point Foreshore Civil & Landscape Works

CivilRecreational Facilities

A critically endangered ‘beach scrub’ habitat along the Mackay region’s coastline, Hay Point Foreshore was overrun by weeds and accumulated rubbish when conservation groups and BMA Hay Point Services commenced a partnership to rejuvenate the area. In 2008 the project won the Queensland Clean Beach Challenge, an environmental protection award organised by Keep Australia Beautiful.


The award-winning foreshore restoration project is near the Hay Point Coal Terminal and adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park World Heritage area. Epoca was awarded the contract to complete the civil and landscape works to promote community access to the beach area near the Hay Point Coal terminal land.

  • Demolition and disposal off site,
  • Erosion and sediment control, earthworks and regrading;
  • Vegetation clearing and grubbing;
  • Stormwater structures including headwalls and pits, rocklined drainage trenches, and subsoil drainage pipes;
  • 1500m2 road pavement with kerb and channel;
  • Construction of concrete pavements, including plain concrete and coloured oxide finishes;
  • Boring and piling for concrete footings to Observation Decks;
  • Construction of galvanised and stainless steel Observation Decks including fence and handrail;
  • Modification of existing steel frame structure and installation of shade structure;
  • Construction of low height free standing stone walls and concrete footings;
  • Installation of pre-cast concrete pavers to vehicular and pedestrian areas;
  • Construction and installation of concrete bollards.
  • Working in a tidal marine environment.
  • Construction in a sensitive environmental zone.
  • Erosion and sediment control.
  • Water quality management.

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