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Bretts Wharf Riverwalk Rehabilitation

CivilRecreational Facilities

Epoca’s successful completion of this project, protects both the safe and ongoing use of this now circa 25 year old key piece of public infrastructure.


This project was a Design & Construct (D&C) contract, whereby Epoca Constructions were engaged on the basis of a conceptual remediation design and strict performance criteria. Epoca, its engineering design partner and specialist trades conducted further investigations and developed efficient remediation methodologies which enabled the detailed development and completion of the initial design concept resulting in a fully documented and “Shovel Ready” project. The aim of this project was to safeguard this public assets safe and ongoing serviceability though targeted concrete repairs and various other approaches aimed towards isolating the structure from the marine environment to minimise future deterioration.


Scope of work Includes:

  • Design development management, inclusive of user group reviews;
  • Generating Marine Execution Plans in addition to project specific Safety, Quality & Environmental plans;
  • Installation and staging of various marine environmental protection measures;
  • Insitu concrete remediation, including but not limited to UHP water demolition, reinforcing steel augmentation and gunite spray patch reinstatement, using specialised grouts to repair circa 50m2 of drummy/delaminating concrete;
  • Arrest problematic foreshore erosion via construction of a new revetment walls;
  • Formwork construction, onsite batching and injection of circa 410m3 of lightweight cellular (foamed) concrete, employed as a method of filling scour zone voids created during past flood event;
  • Severely constrained work front access (walk in/walk out);
  • All works carried out within a high density residential area;
  • Rough and difficult terrain throughout all of the foreshore based work fronts;
  • Maintaining unhindered and safe ongoing public use of the river walk during every stage of construction;
  • Coordinating works with the neighbouring Brisbane Cruise Ship Terminal, arrival & departure schedule and associated marine vessel movements;
  • All works performed on the foreshore of a shallow reach of the Brisbane River, thereby requiring carefully calculated works scheduling on account of changing tides and ongoing vessel wash;
  • Effective environmental management & protection measures necessary during construction given the surrounding riparian environment.

Brisbane City Council