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Cloncurry Rail Terminal Upgrade


Committed to railing 2.28 million tonnes of lead and zinc concentrates from MMG’s Dugald River mine near Cloncurry, Aurizon partnered with Epoca to upgrade and reopen its Cloncurry based container terminal.


The purpose of this project was to upgrade the existing Cloncurry hardstand and Western Exit Roads to meet the additional services and tonnages at the Cloncurry Container Terminal.
Comprising of 3 main components, the works included upgrades to the terminal entrance intersection (pavement and signage/line marking), pavement rehabilitation, and improvements to stormwater drainage with culvert upgrades and bio-retention. Construction involved working with Aurizon, owner and operator of the Cloncurry intermodal terminal and both Townsville Port roads, and the Queensland Rail (QR) line between Cloncurry and the Townsville Port.


The works comprised the following main components:

  • Cloncurry Shire Council Intersection upgrades to suit Type 1 Road Train use
  • Internal terminal Intersection upgrades to suit Type 1 Road Train use
  • New stormwater drainage infrastructure inc. HDPE lined sediment basins
  • Wash Bay Construction
  • Remote area works.
  • Limited access to professional testing services.
  • Limited materials & resource access.
  • Delivering works within an operational rail terminal environment.
  • Delivered substantial completion in time for Client to meet customer delivery deadline.

Aurizon Operations Limited

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