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United Strength is Stronger

Virtus Unita Fortior


Epoca Constructions Pty Ltd shall endeavour to provide at all times a safe, efficient, ethical and professional civil engineering and construction service, delivering value to its clients. The company works as a team to reward its employees, provide a fair profit to shareholders and deliver superior projects to benefit the community.


We achieve this by:

  • Ensuring our clients are treated in a manner mwhere integrity, confidentiality and frankness are paramount
  • Providing an environment where both our staff and clients can share in the benefits of professionalism and fellowship
  • Ensuring the highest standards and goals are maintained by utilising effective business management principles
  • Simultaneously seeking new fields of endeavour, responding to commercial demands and accepting challenges as they emerge


The Lion


Our logo is the winged lion, the symbol of the city of Venice, a reminder to the company owners Gilberto Maggiolo and Antonio (Tony) Bosso of their country of birth.
It represents Mark the Evangelist (the apostle), who has been the city’s patron saint ever since his remains were taken to Venice in 828 AD from a tomb in Alexandria, Egypt.

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